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Ducks in a Row: February Leadership Development Carnival.

by Miki Saxon

http://www.flickr.com/photos/46183897@N00/1664655940/The February 2013 Leadership Development Carnival was hosted by David Burkus at LDRLB, which “tends to see the world through: leadership, innovation, and strategy,” so that is how they sorted this month’s  submissions. The categories overlap, as David points out, but personally I’ve never found that anything breaks down so simply. But that doesn’t negate the value of the information or the skill with which it is presented by 37 skilled and savvy bloggers.


Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership on why Questions are Our Friends. There aren’t many courses about how to ask questions, but great questions can help you become a great boss.

Jon Mertz from Thin Difference explores the increased presence of millennial in the workplace with Millennial Leaders – Building a Horizontal View.

Mark Miller from Great Leaders Serve asks Is Your Team Really a Team?

Sharlyn Lauby, also know as the HR Bartender on the importance of developing your people in Coaching Employees to the Next Level.

Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership on making talent reviews work in Why You Should Conduct Talent Review Meetings and 10 Tips for Doing Them.

Andy Uskavitch from SuperVISION Motivation on the importance of Communication and Partnerships.

Randy Conley with another gem on Leading with Trust with Five Lessons from Lance Armstrong’s Failure.

Mary Ila Ward from Horizon Point Consulting brings another Leadership How-to with How to Combine Communication with Teamwork.

Lisa Kohn offers simple steps for constructive feedback in The Zen of Giving Feedback on the Thoughtful Leader’s Blog.

Mike Henry of Lead Change Group runs a diagnostic on recognition with 5 Reasons Your Recognition is Backfiring.

Julia Winkle Giuolini’s post stretches to a new medium: video as she shares with us a Few Words on Focus from TEDx.

Joan Kofodimos at Anyone Can Lead brings some insight into coaching with Biggest Coaching Mistakes Managers Make.

Joel Garfinkle of the Career Advancement Blog offers Seven Steps to Success in Your New Management Job.

Jennifer V. Miller of The People Equation takes a team perspective on new leaders with 9 Things Team Members Want to Know About the New Boss, but Won’t Ask.

Jim Taggart from Changing Winds analyzes another changing wind, From Transactional Leadership to Reflective Leadership.


Our own David Burkus offers this post from right here at LDRLB, Six Proven Ways to Pitch Your Idea.

Dana Theus of InPower Consulting looks at women in leadership roles with Different But Good: What We Can Learn from Women in Leadership.

Jesse Lyn Stoner of Seapoint Center explains how Collaboration is the Remedy for Polarization.

Bernd Geropp brings us another video his piece On Leadership: My Interview with Serial Entrepreneur Chris Ducker.

Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand offers an engaging post on How To Guarantee Your Self-Improvement.

Bill Matthies gives us a Coyote Insight on change in his post If The MBAs Don’t Know How to Handle Change How Can I?

Mary Jo Asmus on the importance of staying fresh and Remaining a Beginner.

Tom Walter, the Serial Entrepreneur, explores whether ethical behavior in leadership is still given the weight necessary in Ethics in Leadership.

Susan Mazza with Random Acts of Leadership on how to Experiment Like An Expert.

Wendy Appel, master of the Enneagram Source, outlines the Essential Role of Curiosity.

Corporate culture guru S. Chris Edmonds shares an example of how a compelling purpose statement inspires staff to excellence in Clear Purpose Inspires Aligned Action.


Puja Ghelani of Strategistas examines the career of Lucille Ball through the lens of a Blue Ocean Strategista.

Linda Fisher Thornton of Leading in Context asks and answers the question How is Ethical Leadership a Strategic Advantage?

Chris Young of the Rainmaker Group offers an insight into human capital strategies with Executive Strategies: Who is Your Executive Team Loyal To?

Jane Perdue at LeadBIG tackles crisis management with Rewarding Hat Tricks or Planning.

Karin Hurt from Let’s Grow Leaders on how urgent versus important balance gets tipped and 7 Ways to Prevent False Urgency.

Neal Burgis always offers Practical Solutions and does so again in Hard Goals Challenge Your Goal Achieving Skills.

Miki Saxon from MAPping Company Success on how we learn best with Single Loop vs Double Loop learning.

Anne Pershcel serves up another Germane Insight with Step Back to Lead Forward.

Tom Magness of Leader Business offers another battle-tested strategy for Leading in the Fog of War.

Debbie Mills-Scofield has some reassuring advice for all of us: If You’re Not Scared, You Aren’t Leading.

John Hunter from the Curious Cat Management Blog looks at how to develop leadership culture in any market condition with The Mark Discounts Proven Company Leadership Far Too Quickly.

Flickr image credit: Robert Nunnally

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