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6 Universal Worker Requirements

by Miki Saxon

This list is from a columnist at China Daily in response to reducing high turnover and improving retention.

Six essentials employees want in their jobs

  1. A great boss
  2. Trust and respect
  3. Appreciation and recognition
  4. Career progression
  5. Corporate culture
  6. Communication

The list doesn’t differ much from dozens of similar lists you’ve seen under the title of “What Millennials Want’ or descriptions over the decades of what most US workers want.

And I’m willing to bet the list applies to any workforce in any country on Earth or elsewhere in this or other galaxies.

These are universal desires of both educated and uneducated people; what changes is their ability to articulate them.2313118741_fcbb26bbc0_m

It’s a list that managers and management should take to heart, because it isn’t going away.

The six are constants that every manager had better understand and provide or be prepared to staff a revolving door.

Flickr image credit: Joe Shlabotnik

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