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Entrepreneurs: Role Models

by Miki Saxon

A comment in response to an article entitled Steve Jobs Is a Lousy Role Model caught my eye.

I agree that good managers have to ‘manage’ their employees emotional well-being but I believe visionary leaders have to execute on their vision… Don’t get confused that good managers can build an innovation company without effective leaders to lead the charge.

Jobs ability to see around corners product-wise is unique, but that skill doesn’t make him a leader; it makes him a product visionary.

Yes, he is brilliant; yes he has charisma; yes, he screws up and the combination proves he’s human.

What needs to be understood is that Jobs successes don’t excuse his bad actions.

Do yourself a favor and recognize that your vision can also be your own personal Kool-Aid.

Richard Branson is also a visionary and successful entrepreneur, but his approach is a world away from Jobs.

The trick to finding a role model is to eliminate the singular, find multiple models and emulate their best traits after tweaking them to fit your own MAP and situation.

Last year I wrote, People love to quote the adage “there is no “I” in team” when somebody’s ego gets out of hand; perhaps a new adage is needed that states “there is no “I” in leader.” Of course, someone will argue that there is an ‘i’ in leadership, which is true, but when ‘i’ becomes ‘I’ it changes leadership to leadershit.

Even Steve Jobs phenomenal success provides no reason to change my mind.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

11 Responses to “Entrepreneurs: Role Models”
  1. Buck ThaynNo Gravatar Says:

    To some, it’s just disposable electro-crap, but to many, it’s an avenue to finding themselves a place in life. I’m one. I’ll miss Steve Jobs, although I never knew him.

  2. Gonzalo StofkoNo Gravatar Says:

    It’s a sad time. And a wakeup call. People love to protest the “evil corporation” with glee. But some have a heart. Apple, amongst others, provide a living for millions of people around the globe – myself included. Apple – and Steve Jobs – are very generous with the fruits of their success. Not to mention the inspiration that many young people glean from the philosophy of Steve’s vision. My kids have been using Macs since they could sit upright in a chair. I see them now becoming wonderfully successful and happy adults. Yes, just like guitars, microscopes, books, and other objects of inspiration, special people indeed push humanity forward.

  3. Omar CruzadoNo Gravatar Says:

    As a musician and technology fanatic, I can say Apple products changed my life for good, thank you Steve.

  4. Courtney RuhnkeNo Gravatar Says:

    Indeed Steve Jobs will never be forgotten. His innovative contributions in technology has amazed many and helped made life easier, his memory will always be remembered as his works will remind us of him. My condolences to his family.

  5. Randall GottschNo Gravatar Says:

    Regardless of all the pissing and moaning about Apple, especially in light of the recent iPhone 4S announcement, there is no denying the fact that Apple has made some really nice products over the years.

  6. Wilton CabugosNo Gravatar Says:

    What are we all going to do without Steve Jobs! I want a new iPhone!

  7. Erwin SitlerNo Gravatar Says:

    Steve Jobs is an Icon who will be missed. May God bless Steve and his family. Steve Jobs has been responsible for making a difference with so many lives and I say thanks for helping me achieve my professional goals.

  8. Elwood RazzanoNo Gravatar Says:

    As a musician and technology fanatic, I can say Apple products changed my life for good, thank you Steve.

  9. Booker KatinNo Gravatar Says:

    If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email rememberingsteve at apple dot com , that’s what’s on Apple.com’s main page.

  10. get article proNo Gravatar Says:

    a great loss for innovation. RIP steve jobs.

  11. Nenita GalpinNo Gravatar Says:

    Steve Jobs recent death signifies the end of an era, never ever has a individual man transformed the landscape of technological use quite so much in a short time period. Despite the fact that we debate the value of technologies, wether you’re keen on or loathe Apple products and solutions allows us to take time to remember a truely visoanire guy and as well remember the spouse and children he leaves behind. I am sorry for interupting the flow of comments within your internet site that I really like quite definitely I simply desired to remember Steve, who had been an amazing human being and also a personal friend of mine.

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