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Ryan’s Journal: Partnership

Thursday, June 8th, 2017


Partnership is an aspect of culture that I think could be explored further.

We all have partners we deal with in life that range from personal to professional. And isn’t it nice to have a partner throughout your day? Someone to help shoulder the burden?

But there is a fine line between a partnership and a parasite and it’s important to remember the distinction.

I work in a partnership daily. My company, Flycast Partners, is a partner of several large scale software vendors. We work hand in hand daily to increase sales, provide services and support. We are essentially an extension of the vendor and work hard on maintaining those partnerships.

This past week my company had the honor of being named partner of the year for North America by BMC software. It was a surprise and unexpected. We are only about 70 strong right now and there are partners that are much larger than we are.

We asked why we were chosen. Was it revenue? Was it the number of accounts we grew? Was it some other tangible thing?

The simple answer was none of that. We didn’t bring in the most revenue or the most new accounts. What we brought was a trusted partnership.

BMC Software is the 7th largest software company in the world and their CEO personally said it was because they knew we acted in the best interest of the customer and BMC.

What drove us to this place?

For one, integrity. The president of my company, Nathan George, believes that you should be honest in all dealings, meet your commitments and do what you say you will do.

He hires based on those criteria. To me these are fairly simple concepts, but not always followed. It would be easy to take the low road sometimes, but not sustainable.

We have competition out there, but we don’t dwell on them. We work on building relationships and providing value.

This is an instance where the partnership benefits both parties.

Next week I will highlight where a partnership can turn parasitic.

Flickr image credit: K-State Research

Entrepreneur: Relevancy Over Time

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

3000044567_22a9ac9459_mSeveral years ago I read an article by Bill Buxton about risk; I think it’s worth reposting, because the article is as valuable today as it was then.

The Value of Risk

In an excellent post on risk, professor, researcher and author Bill Buxton says, “Entrepreneurs, like ice climbers, are often said to risk their necks. But there are ways to cut danger to sane levels—and some very good reasons to try.”

People often comment that both groups are, politely speaking, nuts.

After offering up a detailed explanation of ice climbing he comments, “…the four considerations employed by the ice climber are exactly the same as those used by the serial entrepreneur or the effective business person…”

They are training, tools, fitness and partners.

Buxton ends by saying,

“The most dangerous way of all to play it is so-called safe. Safe leads to atrophy and certain death—of spirit, culture, and enterprise. There is not a single institution of merit or worthy of respect in our society that was not created out of risk. Risk is not only not to be avoided, it is to be embraced—for survival.”

A quick and valuable read—whether you consider yourself a risk taker or not.

Training, tools, fitness and partners—those are the same considerations that make all parts of life not only successful, but worth living.

In a world moving ever faster, where 2008 is considered ancient history, it is worth recognizing that there is much wisdom to be found there.

Flickr image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hikingartist/3000044567

Follow Yourself; Partner With Others

Friday, June 19th, 2009

I have a great idea to make the world a better place.

Everybody who aspires to the cult of all-knowing leader stops.

Everybody who longs for an all-knowing leader embraces the reality that no such thing exists. (Jim Stroup has an excellent discussion on this that started June 8 at Managing Leadership. I highly recommend it.)

Replacing these, everybody would

  • learn leadership skills;
  • apply them constantly to themselves; and
  • occasionally in the outside world as circumstances dictated;
  • take responsibility for their own actions and decisions; and
  • partner with others as equals, whether one was in front or behind at any given time.

Not that I think there’s a chance in hell that this will happen, but it’s a nice thought on a beautiful summer Friday.

Your comments—priceless

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