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Bosses’ Cause and Effect

by Miki Saxon

http://www.flickr.com/photos/centralasian/5544915196/Everything today is about innovation, creativity, productivity and how to increase all of them.

Bosses at every level read books, listen to management gurus and attend seminars looking for methods and approaches that will boost all three.

They look for solutions outside and rarely look in the mirror.

Too many bosses, no matter what happens or what feedback they receive, recognize that it’s their MAP and their actions, not their people’s, at the bottom of their under-performing groups.

After all, if you

  • ask for input and ridicule those who offer it, why be surprised when you stop receiving it?
  • tell your people you want to solve problems while they’re still molehills and then kill the messengers who bring you molehill news you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself grappling with mountainous problems requiring substantially more resources;
  • tell people their ideas are stupid, whether directly or circumspectly, or, worse, that they are for thinking of them, why should they offer themselves up for another smack with a verbal two-by-four?

I could list many more examples, but you get the idea.

Your team’s results are a direct reflection of you, so before you start ranting or whining about your group’s lack of initiative and innovation, try really listening to yourself, the feedback you receive and give and then look in the mirror—chances are the real culprit will be looking straight back at you.

Flickr image credit: Cea

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