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Expand Your Mind: Debunking Leadership

by Miki Saxon

I love it when several news items come together in perfect synergy as happened this week.

It started Thursday when I read a marvelous post from Jim Stroup at Managing Leadership that elegantly blew a hole in the myth that leadership is always a positive and constructive force.

The conviction this week of Galleon’s Raj Rajaratnam, long lauded as a brilliant leader who epitomizes today’s leadership definition of ‘influence’, perfectly proves Jim’s point.

A link in Jim’s post led me to an article in BNET questioning even the need for and value of ‘heroic’ leaders.

And that was confirmed by none other than Barry Salzberg, CEO of Deloitte, who says that leadership needs to be “flat” and permeate the entire organization, not just positional roles.

Different publishing dates, different sources and different authors, but all dovetailing perfectly to drive home the point that “leadership” is pass√©.

Image credit:  MykReeve on flickr

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