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December Leadership Development Carnival

by Miki Saxon

Another Leadership Development Carnival means another opportunity to improve your skills—53 opportunities to be exact. Well-earned thanks go to Jane Perdue at Get Your Leadership BIG On! for hosting this month’s Leadership Development Carnival with so much flair.

Gifts for Helping Others Grow

The always informative Trish McFarlane presents some great insights for handling long tenured employees 5 Strategies To Coach Employees Who Have Become Institutionalized posted at HR Ringleader.

Laura Schroeder gives us the scoop on why using straight talk with employees is the right way to go in Managers: Time to Talk Turkey at Working Girl.

Kevin Eikenberry redirects our thought processes and challenges our assumptions in How to Get Lazy People to Work at Leadership and Learning with Kevin Eikenberry.

Paul Slater gifts us with insights for fostering and developing the next generation of leaders in What Young Leaders Need posted at Mushcado.

The erudite Anne Perschel serves up the importance of employee fingerprints in transformation in A Word or Two About Change at Germane Insights.

Andrew Rondeau passes along valuable information for handling disagreements in Conflict Resolution In The Workplace posted at Great Management.

Wally Bock gives us a year-round gift in Bosses: Give Frequent and Usable Feedback from Three Star Leadership.

Celebrating Connections and Giving

Anna Farmery makes a complete and compelling case for the power of connecting in 10 Business Connections You MUST make found at The Engaging Brand.

Tanveer Naseer persuasively builds the foundation as to why fostering a sense of collective purpose is important in Encouraging Your Employees to Reach for the Moon at TanveerNaseer.com.

Eric Pennington asks us to examine our aspirations and motivations in Aspiring To What’s Not Really There at Epic Living.

Using her profuse talents, Mary Jo Asmus provokes us to think about breathing into ourselves in How to Inspire Others found at Aspire Collaborative Solutions.

It’s always the season for giving, and Janet Helm encourages us to generously do so in The Giving Project – That Extra Twinkle at Lead by Giving

Some Holiday Twinkle and Cheer

The always instructive and helpful Jennifer V. Miller humorously challenges The Urban Legend of Command and Control Management found at The People Equation.

Wayne Turmel gives us a tongue-in-cheek view of innovation in Fire: an idea that will never catch on at Management Issues.

Dave Moran shares a mischievous view on 10 Ways to Kill Employee Engagement posted at Software Results.

Presents for Becoming a Better Leader

Jason Seiden dares us to have the guts and patience to go for excellence in The Race to Mediocrity at Next Generation Talent Development.

John Spence shares some awesomely simple yet profound insights regarding What Does “Talent” Look For in a Leader? at Achieving Business Excellence.

From Afghanistan, Tom Magness makes the time to offer insights for honing our decision-making skills in Deciding to Decide at Leader Business.

Jim Taggart asks us to reflect our level of knowledge in Do You Know the Difference Between Corporate Culture and Climate? at ChangingWinds.

Thoughtful leader that he is, Mike Henry Sr. shares a thought-provoking post by Erin Schreyer on Change is Good! How’s Your Leadership in the Midst of It? from the Lead Change Group Blog.

The inspirational Art Petty serves up Leadership Caffeine: How to Grow Your Leadership Credibility in 15 Easy Lessons at Management Excellence.

Celebrating Polarities

Susan Finerty challenges our thinking in When the Golden Rule Isn’t So Golden at Leadership Mutt.

Interested in infusing an entrepreneurial spirit into your work place? Erik Samdahl offers practical insights in Fostering Intrapreneurship: Think Like a VC, Act Like an Entrepreneur at Productivity Blog.

Beth Follini applauds embracing leadership paradoxes in Why is it important to work with polarity? at Musings from a practical mystic.

Lisa Rosendahl courageously provokes our thinking on how to overcome prejudice and bias by valuing diversity of thought in Exposing Ignorance at Women of HR.

Making Merry and Pushing Comfort Zones

The ever-insightful Dan McCarthy offers a great road map for HR relevancy in A Four Stage Leadership Development Model found at Great Leadership.

Rich Maltzman rightfully points out that Sometimes, the obvious is not so obvious posted at Earth PM.

At LeaderLab, David Burkus explores why Are leaders born or made? is asking the wrong question.

Tim Porthouse prompts us to reflect on what kind of boss we are in A Tale of Two Bosses at Zealeap – Leadership 3.0.

Once again, Steve Roesler pushes our comfort zone by illustrating how to be more specific about communicating and defining change in I’ll Change: Tell Me Exactly What You Want at All Things Workplace.

Jim Taggart shares his intriguing thoughts on how leaders must respect geographic, cultural and market uniqueness in Disrupting General Electric: Changing its Mindset Through Reverse Innovation at ChangingWinds.

Michael Cardus thoughtfully yet forcefully suggests we focus on outcomes rather than nomenclature in 10 Managerial Leadership Practices at Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership Blog.

Under the Learning Tree

Wishing more 21st century organizations were learning ones? Gwyn Teatro beautifully re-introduces us to the five timeless principles of Peter Senge in Leaders and the Learning Organization posted at You’re Not the Boss of Me.

Bret L. Simmons educates us regarding definitions and practices for Authentic Leadership at Bret L. Simmons.

Adi Gaskell shares interesting “who knew” research about The smell of fear and its impact on risk taking posted at The Management Blog.

Sean McGinnis presents a thoughtful case for Knowing “Why” Makes You Better found at 312 Digital.

William Matthies reminds us of the importance of the willingness to Be Convinced . . . And Prepared To Change Your Mind posted at Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By.

Nissim Ziv drops a gift for supervisors down the chimney: What Makes a Good Supervisor? 10 Qualities of a Good Supervisor at Job Interview Guide.

Janna Rust reminds us to be mindful of our Emotions and Productivity, a post found at Purposeful Leadership.

Joyfully Becoming Better

The amazing one and only Sharlyn Lauby gifts us with Being Strategic and Creating Strategy Aren’t the Same Thing found at HR Bartender.

Steve Tringham shares insights for handling Problems and Confrontation at Peopleware.

In his inaugural Idea Lab post, the ever-inventive Mark Stelzner presents The HR Idea Lab: Analyze the Analysts at Inflexion Advisors.

Amy Wilson serves up a simple truth in They’ll Be Back posted at Talented Apps.

Complete with a delightful cartoon, Benjamin McCall encourages us to step up and When all else fails, make a decision found at ReThinkHR.

Holiday Potpourri

Randall Davidson provides us with resources in The Top 101 Productivity Blogs of 2010 at Transcription Blog.

David Zinger offers a short haiku on leadership in Workaiku: Iceberg posted at Employee Engagement Zingers.

Miki Saxon encourages us to prepare for 2011 success by planning right now in The Start of Planning Season at MAPping Company Success.

Orson Bean offers a multitude of resources for managing knowledge and content in Top 50 Knowledge Management Blogs at Biz-gasm.

Erin Pavlina tells a heart-warming story about how you can Believe It and Achieve It posted at Erin Pavlina.

Shankar Anand offers thoughts about managing and creating Brand You at Shankaranand’s Blog.

Nick McCormick takes a different sharing tack and offers up a podcast on how to Identify Your Islands of Profit found at Joe and Wanda – on Management.

Using trains as an interesting metaphor, Andy Klein prompts us to ponder Does your business run like a conventional train or the Shinkansen? at Fortune Group Blog.

Lynn Dessert presents tips and insights for overcoming fear so we can be more effective at Managing Social Media in Organizations posted at Elephants at Work.

Flickr image credit: Great Leadership

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