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June 2010 Leadership Development Carnival

by Miki Saxon

Another month, another Leadership Carnival—the first of summer.

At least I hope it’s summer where you are, it’s not in the great Pacific Northwest. We’re having cool temperatures and lots of rain—the rain we didn’t get this winter. According to the meteorologists it is happening because the El Nino (no rain) of this winter flipped and immediately turned into La Nina (lots of rain).

But whether it’s summer in your neck of the woods, still spring or even winter, here are 34 great reads for the beach, swimming pool or curled up by a warm fire.

leadership-development-carnivalMiki Saxon presents brilliantly-powerful thought regarding the “real alpha male”, who to trust, and who to follow.

Stephen Warrilow presents How To Manage Change – Putting It All Together posted at Change Management – Practical Strategies For Success, saying that in the current economic climate, all organisations are experiencing the impacts of change and many could now benefit from the practical knowledge of how to lead and manage change.

Eric Klen presents The problem with being positive posted at Dharma Consulting.

Dan McCarthy presents A View from Inside the Leadership Pipeline posted at Great Leadership where he provides a summary of research from CCL and his recommendations on how to manage high potentials.

Gilda Bonanno presents Dress Rehearsal for Your Presentation posted at Gilda Bonanno’s blog. Gilda thinks that public speaking is an essential success skill for leadership development yet many aspiring leaders still struggle with it. This post explains how to conduct a dress rehearsal of your presentation so you can avoid preventable glitches and prepare for potential obstacles.

David Zinger presents Zinger’s 5-Item Employee Engagement APGAR Pulse Assessment posted at David Zinger Employee Engagement.

Wally Bock presents The Perfect Leadership Book for You posted at Three Star Leadership Blog saying that you’ll search the stores and online sites in vain for the perfect leadership book. But don’t despair.

Nissim Ziv presents Teamwork Motivation: How to Motivate a Team? posted at Job Interview & Career Guide, saying that as it can be hard to motivate yourself, motivating others can be even harder. How would you inspire people to work together for a certain goal?

Utpal Vaishnav presents Contribute Beyond Your Title With Assumed Responsibility And Take The Right Decision! posted at Utpal Writes where he shares a great story about a leader beyond his title who chose the road less traveled by assuming responsibility and making a difference.

Heather Stagl presents 3 Traps that Keep Change Agents from Getting the Support They Need posted at Enclaria: Change Starts Here.

Steve Roesler presents Managing: You’re Still In It Together posted at All Things Workplace where Steve has a reminder for managers about how to be a successful.

Richard Cummings presents Project Management: Creating Self-Managed Employees posted at Richard Cummings where he talks about how to create self-managed employees and motivate them to get the job done by having the employees tell you what they are going to get done.

Matthew Alberto presents How to Have the Self-Confidence to Change the World – Social Business Tips posted at Matthew Alberto .com. Matthew suggests that building self-confidence is so significant if you’re wanting to create and build your social business. And it is significant if you want to be changing the world.

David Burkus presents The Hawthorne Studies posted at LeaderLab where David explains the Hawthorne studies and how they changed management/leadership thinking.

Jane Perdue presents Tea Stains, Blind Spots and Simple Pleasures posted at Get Your Leadership BIG On!.

Michael Lee Stallard presents Summer: A Season to Connect posted at Michael Lee Stallard.

Bret Simmons presents Want Your People To Care More? Help Them Perform Better posted at Bret L. Simmons – Positive Organizational Behavior.

Nick McCormick presents What?s on Your Plate? posted at Joe and Wanda on Management. In this ten minute Management Tips Podcast, Nance Guilmarten, author of the Power of Pause, offers up her work prioritization technique.

Tanmay Vora presents Building a Culture to Promote Differential Thinking posted at QAspire Blog by Tanmay Vora. Tanmay feels that the ability to think differently and bring out alternative perspectives is one of the most important leadership skills. This post offers some very practical ideas to build the culture of differential thinking. A useful post for leaders at all levels

Jason Seiden presents Seiden’s 16 Rules for Giving Feedback posted at Fail Spectacularly!. Jason feels that most advice out there about giving feedback is, frankly, wrong and he’s got the real deal skinny.

Mike Henry Sr. presents Impossibly Good posted at Lead Change Group – Helping Leaders Grow Leaders where he says that self-leadership is the first step in maximizing influence and possibilities.

Bill Matthies presents Problem Assessment posted at Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By where he points out that you can’t solve problems if you don’t understand what they are.

Charles Chua C K presents 10 Instant Productive Working Habits posted at All About Living with Life.

Lisa Rosendahl presents Employment Law and Leaders posted at Lisa Rosendahl.

Eric Pennington presents Situational Mentoring posted at Epic Living – Leadership Development Career Management Training Executive Life Coaching Author where he illustrates the importance of finding the right type of mentor for your specific need and how to avoid the perils of engaging in the wrong type of mentoring relationship.

Alice Snell presents Develop, Engage, and Retain posted at Taleo Blog – Talent Management Solutions.

Sharlyn Lauby presents I Don’t Know About That posted at HR Bartender where she reminds us that part of being a leader is not turning a blind eye to questionable behavior.

Benjamin McCall presents The Problem With 2 Ears… posted at ReThink HR.

Mark Bennett presents It can happen to you? posted at TalentedApps where he shares the story of how Dreamworks found talent in a surprising place.

Elyse Nielsen presents Creating Performing Teams is Key posted at Anticlue suggesting that in order to be a successful manager, you have got to be able to create performing teams. You can have a list of initials after your name detailing certifications, accreditations, or titles but without an understanding of how to establish an environment where collaboration and self-motivation are a part of the team’s culture – you have just met the Peter Principle.

Mark Stelzner presents Twitter 101 for HR posted at Inflexion Advisors.

Mary Jo Asmus presents Ten Things That Will Foster Safe Conversations posted at Aspire Collaborative Services.

Jennifer Miller presents Redemption posted at The People Equation.

Working Girl presents Diversity and good management posted at Working Girl.

Kathy C presents Four Similarities Between Dog Training and Employee Management posted at The Thriving Small Business where she illustrates the similarities between managing employees and concepts used in training dogs.

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